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Brahim Mohamed Fadin, 17, pictured in sand dunes near Smara refugee camp, Algeria...I don't like to be in the refugee camps. I know that the Algerians receive us and help us for many years but I want to be free in my own country. I am in High School in Algeria and Saharawis always get the best grades there. We are learning for our people, we learn to spread our history and in Algeria we can do that. I'm studying maths and my goal is to be a engineer. I wish I could help my country, its needs a lot of specialists. I would rather live in the camps than live under moroccan control. ..Everyone seeks for peace and the white flag. I like war only if it brings peace and I am prepared to give my life if it would give us real peace. I don't like war in the Sahara because everyone knows the Sahara is a peaceful place and I want Saharawis and Morroccans to live peacefully as states like Algeria and Mauritania, as friends. It is my point of view that it was better to keep fighting to free our land than to stop and let others take our resources. If we gain our independence we will be one the best states in the world because we are known for our solidarity and friendship and hospitality. Life taught us a lot because of everything, all the suffering, there are no people like us anywhere in the world..