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Khadjeton Brahim Baydati, 13, in Smara refugee camp, Algeria...In the morning I go to school, I study maths, Arabic and Technology. I come home at 1pm and eat and then clean the house and help my mother. At 4pm I go back to school and we study Spanish.  After school I study the Koran with other girls in a woman's house. It is important to learn how to pray and how to be a muslim. It is the most important thing, God gives everything. After that I come home again and help my mother to clean and wash. ..I like it here, my family is here. I know I am a refugee, sometimes it hurts to think this. I have been in Spain four times and once in Italy [with the Vacations in peace program]. Ice cream is the best thing about Spain, I like it there with all the other girls and boys. I think we will go back to our homeland when God decides. I don't want to be a refugee anymore.