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Talvia Mahfud Aida, 18, pictured in Dakhla refugee camp, Algeria...I was born in Dakhla [refugee camp]. It's a quiet place. Every year we have a film festival. The films they show describe similar situations to ours, it's a very big event for us, everybody goes, even old people. During the week there are workshops teaching photography, video, sound, computers. Many famous people come, especially from Spain. There is no phone coverage here and no electricity, but because of solar panels we can watch TV and we have light. I feel cut of from the world here. I have been to Spain six times and stayed for two months each time in the Basque country. I can speak Basque. I like it there because the people are very sociable and nice. Now I am too old [for the Vacations in Peace program] so who knows if I will ever return to Spain. I hope so, Insha'Allah (God willing)!..I was studying in Algeria for two years but had to give it up because my mother needed me here. I hope my future isn't in Dakhla, there are no institutions here to work in and this is not our country and the environmental conditions are tough. Of course I would miss this place if I left, there are a lot of memories here. Even the younger people feel homesick [for Western Sahara] even if they have never seen their homeland, they have heard the stories, seen it on TV, read about it. We hope the leaders can come up with a solution. There is no agreement between the sides. The ceasefire is not in our favour. We have lost a lot of men and we don't want to lose anymore. Our equipment is old and Morocco is very strong so I prefer a peaceful solution. But we must have independence or war.