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Saleh Mohamed Mulud Sidi, 35. Agricultural Engineer, pictured in Njeila Gardens, near the Saharawi refugee camps, Algeria...I was born in Smara in 1974. My family came here in '79, they fled the Moroccans during the battle of Smara. Life for me here is beautiful but it was not our wish to be here. We are building our state here to take it there [to Western Sahara]. We are secure, we live freely, we can eat and this is good compared to some other countries who don't have these things. ..Njeila is a natural garden, it was named after the palm trees. I am the agricultural engineer, we grow onions, tomatoes, cucumber, pimiento, dates, melons. We could not recognise the plants when we first came here. We distribute the food to the people in the camps. We do it according to the seasons of the plants, we try to harvest two times a year. We have a well and we have a pump, the water is not very deep, and everyday we water the garden. I was sent to study the science of plants in Libya because I had good marks. I was interested in plants. I learnt how to grow plants in the desert, we put fertiliser in the water, it's not difficult. We must somehow depend on ourselves, aid is necessary but the people here appreciate this food more than any other, it tastes better and it is free. We want to go back to live in our land. This project is the beginning of something in our own land...It is a long time that we attach hope to the UN effort. We Saharawis are peaceful people and look to live on our own land, free, dignified, just like other people around the world. If Morocco wants peace we are ready. The file of Western Sahara is with the UN and it tries to find a peaceful solution but if we have to fight we are ready. We want our country by war or by peace.