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Brahim Salama Baaj, 38, nurse, pictured at Auserd Hospital, Auserd refugee camp, Algeria...When I was in sixth grade someone came to class and selected pupils to go to Cuba. I always had top marks in Spanish so I was selected. It was an opportunity from the sky, I spent eleven years there. We went there to study but it was the beginning of the blockage and life was very tough. I finished high school and then began working in a mechanical workshop. The Saharawi in Cuba had different groups for football, running, singing. I loved running in Cuba and there were always competitions. I had a Cuban girlfriend but always explained to her that one day I must return to my country. When I returned to the camps there was no work. I heard about a nursing school in Auserd and spent three years studying. Now I work in Auserd Hospital and enjoy being able to help people...Since 1991 nothing has happened. The ceasefire has only benefited the Moroccans. We have all these meetings but all for nothing. We want the UN to come here to make change, but for us they are nothing. We need to keep working in a peaceful way for our independence through writing, demonstrations, politics. We need to inform people internationally about our situation. We stopped the war to win our freedom.