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Fatimetu Hamed Mohamed, 22, pictured in sand dunes near Smara refugee camp, Algeria...I'm a refugee and I want to go back home. I like it here but I would prefer to live in the Smara in the occupied territory. I swear to God it's difficult to live here, everything is difficult, the conditions, no good life, no jobs, not enough food. I was studying in Algeria for one year then my mother asked me to come back to help her. I can learn another time. When you are sitting around with your family you need to thank god for that. The best thing is that we are all together here. I would love to do a sports job. I run the Sahara marathon, I did it four times. . .I don't know about politics but I know I want to be independent. To be free is to feel your freedom, to be able to visit places, to walk anywhere. It's not the same as this. I know nothing of the UN. I spent my whole life in this tough situation, I'm sure that there is a great life if we are free, luxury, schooling, the sea. I don't want to spend one more minute here. I don't know if the Polisario want to go to war, let them go to war, I don't know anything about that. I would like to get our independence without war.