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Brahim Mohamed Baih, 62, Polisario soldier, pictured praying in the desert in Polisario controlled Western Sahara near the Algerian border (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic)...I was born in Tiris, which in now in the liberated territory of Western Sahara, in 1947. It is desert and a bedouin area with many camels. We traveled a lot to Zouerate in Mauritania when I was young. I was there in 1975 when Mauritania invaded Western Sahara. The Saharawi tried to move to the camps but they [Mauritanians] blocked the routes. I was arrested, they treated us badly. When Mauritania withdrew in 1979 Saharawis were then able to go to the refugee camps in Algeria. I was released and went also. It was an huge injustice, Mauritania had no right to be with Morocco, they had no reason to fight, no claim to the land. ..I fought in the war from '79, I had only the thought of freedom in my mind. In 1987 we captured eighty-seven Moroccan soldiers during an operation in Oumigata. We had a strong belief to win or die, our soldiers were strong; if not why do they build this wall? To protect themselves, without it they had no rest, we attacked them always...You fight to free your land and then sign a ceasefire and stop the fight. It was not a good idea. The United Nations are unjust, they know Morocco are unfair. Why don't they put pressure on them to solve this problem? I'm sure the UN will never solve this, it is better to free your land or to die. I am still a soldier and I work now in the liberated territory, I watch the wall and see the Moroccan soldiers moving and watching us. When I see them I wish I could carry out an operation to destroy them but politics is politics. I still return to Mauritania sometimes, they are friends of the Saharawi now and are on our side.