The Last Colony

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Azmah Laulad, 18, in Auserd refugee camp, Algeria, with the lights of Tindouf in the background...I've grown up in Auserd but I don't like it. When I was ten we were travelling in the desert and the truck broke down. We were stuck there for six days and had to drink water from the radiator. There was a pregnant woman with us and everyone thought she would lose the baby but it was lucky a car came along and we fixed the truck. Sometimes now I go into the desert with my friends to sleep, it's comfortable. I want to study in Spain, I've been there five times. I stay with a family in Madrid. They have very good houses there made of cement. The weather is good and the food and I have many friends but now I am too old to go back [with the Vacations in Peace program]. ..Now I'm making bricks and soon me and my brother will build a shop. We will sell mobile phones because there are not enough phone shops here. It's a tragedy here, people need to go back [to Western Sahara]. If we can get our independence peacefully it's better but if we have to we should go to war. I'm deprived of getting a job, my freedom, everything. It's God's will. If there is a war I will join the military.