The Last Colony

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Nabil Salek Salma, 8, pictured in Smara refugee camp, Algeria...I am eight. I live in Smara [refugee camp] with my father and mother, my uncle, my grandfather and my brother. I play football and sometimes I lie down alone. In school we learn Arabic, Spanish and Technology. The best thing in the world is God, the second best thing is praying, the third best is my father and mother. My favourite thing is sleeping. I want to be the Chief of Police when I grow up. When anyone says anything rude to me I will give him a slap! I want to get my land with tanks and weapons and everything. If I'm not afraid of my father and mother how can I be afraid of anything else? For me all Moroccans are one finger or a teapot, they are nothing! If the other boys are free people they will fight with me, if they are not let them get out of here!..I have been in Palma twice, I like the beach and swimming and I ate tortilla and mashed potatoes but I don't want to live with foreigners, I want to live with muslims..I know we are refugees living in Algeria. I know I'm not in my land and I want to make Morocco crazy because of this. I need to get my land and if someone gets in my way I will give him a slap! Everything there [in Western Sahara] is good, the beach, the smells, I want to have the opportunity to go there and have a good bed and to sleep.