The Last Colony

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Malainin Aomar, 66, soldier of the Polisario Front, pictured watching the Moroccan wall near Auserd, in Polisario controlled Western Sahara (Saharawi Arab Democratic Republic)...I was born in Auserd in 1953. Since I was a little boy I studied the Koran and I learnt the difference between good and bad. I was taught by a Spanish soldier for a few years who my father hired. My father was a soldier in the Spanish army and we moved a lot. In August 1974 I joined the Polisario Front. I joined because they were an organisation fighting for the liberation of Western Sahara which had been occupied by the Spanish for almost 100 years. I believed in the Polisario's ideals. ..In September 1975 Spain began to leave all their bases and release the Saharawi soldiers. Polisario knew something was happening and began to prepare for a new kind of conflict. We never trusted Spain. There was a big meeting between all the countries and Algeria and Libya supported independence for Western Sahara, but something went wrong. Then we knew on 14th November 1975 Spain signed the Triple Agreement with Morocco and Mauritania to divide up our land. ..These days when I am watching the wall and I see the city of my birth on the other side it really injures me. Auserd is important to me and to be here and not be able to do anything is terribly hard. Sometimes it makes me cry. I am sixty six years old, for me the future is different than for a young boy. For me the only future is the liberation of my country and my people. If we don't have independence there is no future, all is dark. We have to go back to war, we don't like war but we have to finish this situation, we have been waiting for 34 years, it's enough.