Hidden Lives - The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

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Congolese refugee, (3rd from right) Ndagano Nakajosi, 50, from Kitundu, South Kivu, pictured with his family at a transit centre for newly arrived refugees, in Bujumbura, Burundi. <br />
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We fled because of the Mai Mai and FDLR (Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda) that would come very often during the night attacking our village and stealing anything precious, such as money, radios, dishes, even mattresses. They would give it to the men they found in the house to transport, that was the sentence for the men, and for the women they were systematically raped. My daughter is now sick because of that. She was 18 and was raped by 8 men, she has a disease because of that rape. We decided above all to cross the Ruzizi River and bring her to the hospital. Now she seems better but her skin is not good and her behaviour has changed, she's not as healthy as she was before. <br />
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For our village it was the second time they attacked, what we had decided to do was spend the nights in the bush. I spent 2 weeks with my family sleeping in the bush and then my family wanted to go and sleep in our house because they were tired of going out every night so we stayed in the house one night and that is when the Mai Mai attacked.<br />
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They took me out just after they raped my wife and my daughter to transport what they had taken. What they do usually is take men to transport things to their place and then they kill you so that you don't go back home and tell your neighbours where they are and what happened. There were two other men from my village transporting things for them. We were beaten by them but I had the chance to escape: a man was coming to kill me with his knife but as I was on the ground I saw the knife coming and I lifted my leg to protect my breast and was hit in the leg and I pretending I was dying and when they left me to go and eat I tried to go slowly away. As they had beat me I didn't have enough strength to go far but God gave me the strength to go back home and run after