Hidden Lives - The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

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Ethiopian Oromo refugee, Ayantu Jarso Kufa, 14, from Shasamene, pictured in the Eastleigh neighbourhood of Nairobi, Kenya<br />
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I don't know why I came here, I followed my father. It was the 1st Jan 2012. He didn't tell me anything. I thought we were going for a walk. I heard my father had been arrested in Ethiopia but I don't know any details of want happened to him and that is the reason he left the country taking me. I'm the only daughter from the side of my mum but I have other step-brothers and sisters, as far as I know they are in Shasamene.  <br />
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We came to Nairobi by bus. We were in a lodge and after 2 days my father disappeared. We spent the first night together and the next night he disappeared. We went out for dinner and we ate our dinner and went back to our room and in the morning my father was missing. I waited for a while and then I went out, it was my first time that I went out and I didn't know what to do. The man in charge of collecting money came to me asking for money, he was speaking Swahili and I didn't understand him. He locked the door after I left. I went to the hotel where we ate dinner and checked there, no one knew anything when I asked. I felt helpless and hopeless so without knowing where to go I started walking and accidentally I came to St Theresa church, the lady I'm living with now saw me while I was crying so she took me to her home and since then I am living with her. I don't know where the lodge is now, I am confused, I don't know where is where. <br />
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When we came through Moyale we didn't go through any immigration, we crossed on foot leaving the main road. I've gone to the UNHRC, they've said we will call you but they didn't do anything. <br />
I am living with this lady now as a house child, helping her in the hotel, assisting her as a waiter. Education costs money here, it's not free so I cannot go to school. The best thing for me would be if there is anybody who can asset me in finding my father that I lost. My future is darkened I don't know