Hidden Lives - The Untold Story of Urban Refugees

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Pakistani refugee, Parvez Aslam Choudhry, 48, from Lahore, pictured in Bangkok, Thailand.<br />
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"I am a human rights lawyer. I have also 3 masters degrees in different subjects of my country: history, Urdu, and political science. I work a lot in Pakistan regarding discriminatory laws, specifically for the blasphemy law which is used agains the minorities of pakistan, generally and specifically against Christians. That is why a lot of Christians are involved in blasphemy cases due to personal and professional revenge and also property matters. I have been given some awards in my country for my work and in 2009 I was nominated for the human rights award by the European Union Bar Associations. My human rights work is very much recognised by the international community. I have succeeded to get relief for blasphemy victims from high court of Pakistan and these cases have become law references in Pakistan and are published in national newspapers. <br />
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This matter of human rights make me very high profile in the judiciary and bar associations, and with muslim religious extremist elements in Pakistan. That is why I have received death threats from muslim extremists. In May 2006 my car was hit by muslim extremists where one passenger died. I and Ejaz Victor in the car fell 40 feet down from the road when hit by a truck, I sustained many injuries and remained in hospital for many weeks. Me and my family became target for muslim extremists. In September 2010 outside the high court, specifically mullahs, announced that I, being a Christian lawyer, and my family, are blasphemers working against Islam and liable to be killed and however a muslim should kill me and they will go to heaven. That happened after I completed my argument in Waji-Ul-Ssan blasphemy case in Lahore high court. In this case the accused was condemned to death.<br />
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In January 2011, Sulemam Daseer, governor of Punjab, was assassinated by his security guard because Suleman spoke for amendment in blasphemy law. In march 201